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Macaroni and cheese

Created by: Alexandrajefferson

Step: 1: Get box of macaroni and cheese

Step: 2: Get pan from the cabinet next to the stove

Step: 3: Get BLUE 1 CUP from cabinet

Step: 4: ADD 6 CUPS of WATER into PAN

Step: 5: Put PAN with WATER on the STOVE

Step: 6: Turn stove ON to HI and wait until water BOILS

Step: 7: When you see BUBBLES the water is BOILING Pour MACARONI into WATER

Step: 8: Set TIMER for 7 MINUTES

Step: 9: Turn off timer when it is beeping

Step: 10: Get STRAINER to drain the macaroni

Step: 11: Use OVEN MIT to carry pan to the SINK

Step: 12: POUR macaroni into the STRAINER in the SINK

Step: 13: POUR macaroni back into the PAN

Step: 14: GET 1/4 CUP MILK

Step: 15: GET 4 TBSP of BUTTER

Step: 16: Get ready to mix together

Step: 17: Put CHEESE MILK and BUTTER into PAN

Step: 18: MIX until the butter is melted and the powder is gone

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