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How to make a pompom

Created by: Hrishitta

Step: 1: Are all the crafts you are interested in use pom poms? Well now you can get pom poms and do a craft at the same time

Step: 2: You will need A pair of scissors. Alot of yarn. And 2 fingers

Step: 3: Wrap a generous amount of yarn around your fingers not too tight not too loose.The more yarn the more fluffier

Step: 4: Cut the string kinda long

Step: 5: Tie it tight in the middle

Step: 6: Take it off your fingers

Step: 7: Cut the yarn in the middle of the loops as shown above

Step: 8: It would look some thing like can re-shape the ball if needed

Step: 9: After re-shaping this is how mine looks

Step: 10: If you want to use 2 or more colours the next pic will show how u should start

Step: 11: This is how the yarn should be if you are using 2 or more colours just remember they should be of the same length

Step: 12: These are my other ones

Step: 13: If you want you can cut of the excess string and make it a pom pom

Step: 14: Bye have a great day

Step: 15: I made a foam purse!!!! And if you guys want some other tutorial please leave a comment down below

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