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How to have a spa day at home

Created by: RLK8

Step: 1: For your spa you will need some relaxing music. Calming to motivate yourself.

Step: 2: Take a clip or hairband and pull back your hair for all the treatments!

Step: 3: First take all your makeup off with a wipe.

Step: 4: Use a scrub or cleanser to prep for the facial and to get the little bits of stubborn makeup or dirt of your face. So that way you will have a clean smooth pallet to work with.

Step: 5: Next steam your face to open up pores. Get steaming hot water and place it in a bowl and carefully put a towel around your face and the bowl. After steaming for about 3 to 5 minutes you can pat your face dry.

Step: 6: Apply a face mask peel off or rinse of mask. Put cucumber slices on your eyes to get rid of dark circles and redness. Or put on hot tea bags on your eyes to lighten and depuff.

Step: 7: Make a bath. Put in a bath melt, bubbles, bath bomb or even a bubble bar.

Step: 8: When you get out put on some refreshing mist and mosisturizing lotion.

Step: 9: Use some lotion or body butter!

Step: 10: Put some lip balm or butter on!

Step: 11: Use an old tooth brush and lip scrub and exfoliate!!

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