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How to finger knit

Created by: Crafty8850

Step: 1: Hello I will show you how to finger knit which is very should try it!the finger knitted thing in at the bottom of the you can see I've made the hat, and my cat is on the side%uD83D%uDE1B! Hope you like it%uD83D%uDE04%uD83D%uDE04.

Step: 2: First you tie a knot on your thumb.

Step: 3: You will need to weave around your fingers 2 times so there is loops on each finger

Step: 4: Now you will wrap around the yarn one time around your hand.

Step: 5: Next you will pull over the bottom ones and pull it off your fingers

Step: 6: Now you will just wrap around like you did

Step: 7: You will keep doing the same proses until it's long enough.

Step: 8: Don't get tricked on this part it will start looking like this if your doing the proses right.

Step: 9: When your thing gets this big you will be ok to take the string off your thumb.

Step: 10: Then it should grow like this %uD83D%uDC4D

Step: 11: Oh and don't forget to pull down your finger knitted thing

Step: 12: Now it's long enough to take off

Step: 13: But in order to do this you need scissors %uD83D%uDC40 %uD83D%uDC45

Step: 14: Ok now you take the first loop and ad it on to the next finger.

Step: 15: Now you pull the bottom one over the top

Step: 16: Ok now you keep doing that until you get on the last one.

Step: 17: Ok now you cut the yarn attached to the yarn ball

Step: 18: Now you tie a knot.

Step: 19: Now it's done yay%uD83D%uDE06

Step: 20: Sorry if my lips are blue, I had juice today and it stained my mouth, but hope you got the directions.I will make directions to make a hat and Pom poms to go on the hat. See ya thanks for watching bye%uD83D%uDE0B.

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