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How to make Pom poms for hats

Created by: Crafty8850

Step: 1: Hello today I will be showing you how to make a Pom Pom for your hat. Hope you like it lets get started.

Step: 2: First you will start wrapping your yarn around your hand.

Step: 3: Now you will keep wrapping until your wrapping is bulky.

Step: 4: But in order to do this you need scissors.

Step: 5: Now cut a 12 inch piece of yarn.

Step: 6: Now you will put your yarn in between your fingers.

Step: 7: Now you will tie a knot and pull very hard.

Step: 8: Now you will take it off your fingers and cut the loops.

Step: 9: Then you will cut and trim the sides.

Step: 10: And there you have it.

Step: 11: Pleas like this. Hope your ball is better than mine

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