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How To: Survive Marching Band

Created by: Mikachuu_08

Step: 1: 1. Dress comfortably and appropriately for outside activity - This is Texas. In the middle of July/August. You're outside 4 hours at a time. Be reasonable.

Step: 2: 2. Wear proper footwear! - You WILL be running and doing other forms of cardio. Sandals, TOMS, Converse, Vans, etc are NOT appropriate, and lack the sole support needed for these activities

Step: 3: 3. Stretch! - Marching Band is extremely physical and also strenuous on the body. Stretch out arms, legs, and core to prevent any unwanted injuries during practice.

Step: 4: 4. Stay active - Like any other sport or workout, warm-ups/cool-downs are vital to the health to help achieve the best performance possible.

Step: 5: 5. Hydration - WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Stay hydrated. Even when you don't think you need it, you still need it.

Step: 6: 6. Stay cool - Again, this is Texas, where it reaches 100 outside. No one likes sunburns or rashes. Hats, sunglasses, bandanas, sunscreen, etc are wise choices.

Step: 7: 7. Always pay attention - Listen to your leaders and directors. If you fail to follow instructions, you not only let yourself down, but bring down the rest of the band as well.

Step: 8: 8. "Be on your guard" - Yes, the Color Guard is also part of the band. Be nice, and be cautious of their flags during performance... They do hurt.

Step: 9: 9. PRIDE - Take pride in what you do. ALWAYS. Rehearse like you perform, and perform like it's your best.

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